Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26th, 2012...I don't think I can!

Dear Blog/Diary,

I just don't know if I can do this or not. I am SUCH a junk food eater!  I am not sure I have any motivation at all to do it. Except that it *may* help my migraines...but then again it *may* not! Ughh...I am so indecisive. I truly want a relief from my headaches..I do! But cutting out so much of what I eat daily seems like such a scary daunting task that I just don't know if I am willing to do. Plus no one thinks I will so I virtually have no backup or support. :( blah.

I really need to sit down and think it over if it is something I want to do or not. I am still going to keep up with my migraine history here regardless of where my diet leads. I have also thought about cutting out ALL caffeine..but my beloved sweet tea has caffeine in it. Maybe I can talk the house into switching to decaf tea! ha :)

Man, I know I am like dust in the wind right now but really I am not sure where to go/start/do!

Food diary:
Early Morning: 1 cup of orange juice
Breakfast: English muffin (1 half with cheese, 1 half with strawberry jelly) w/ water
Lunch: Ham sandwich w/ water & some Monterey Jack and Sundried tomatoes sunchips

Migraine Diary:
As of right now (12:12 p.m.) I have no signs of a migraine :)
Still no migraine symptoms! (1:45 p.m.) 


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